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Vodka Legend of Kremlin

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The known legend says that in the first half of the 15th century a monk named Isidore created the first Russian vodka within the walls of the Chudov monastery on the today's territory of the Kremlin in Moscow. Isidore's excellent education and ownership of the necessary knowledge for the distillation equipment allowed him to create a revolutionary new alcoholic drink. His recipe of grain vodka was magnificent! In acknowledgement of the historical fact the International arbitration made a decision in 1982 to call vodka "an original Russian alcoholic drink".

Vodka "Legend of Kremlin" (40%) is produced from the special grain spirit "Lux" (containing 96,5% pure alcohol), soft water from Itar's own artesian well, with the add of natural ingredients, giving vodka "Legend of Kremlin" a special taste and an unique refined vodka scent.

Legend of Kremlin vodka has received certification from the testing laboratory of the Federal Security Service under the President of the Russian Federation and is now supplied to the Moscow Kremlin, House of Government of the Russian Federation and the State Duma (Parliament), Council of Federation of Russia, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the Arbitration Court and the Academy of State Service of Russia.

Vodka Legend of Kremlin quality of taste and design has been awarded with many Grand Prix and Medals in both Russian and international Competitions
  • Grand Prix of the degustation competition at "PRODEXPO-2005"(Moscow, Russia)
  • Gold Medal in the "Best Super Premium Vodka" nomination at the Drinks International Vodka Challange Competition (London, Great Britain)
  • Gold Medal in Regional Category - Russia at the Vodka Masters "2010 Competition (London, Great Britain)
  • Master in Design and Packaging at the Vodka Masters 2010 (London, Great Britain)
  • Master in category Russian Vodkas at the Vodka Masters 2011 (London, Great Britain)